Yep, you guessed right. This is the site where the free stuff lies.
You´ll find free presets and sounds for various software and hardware here.
Either as a direct download or as a link to the external sites where you can find it. 

 2014-02-14  -  some more free sounds for u-he DIVA
 35 sounds this time. Have fun: DIVA_V-DAY_2014_SOUNDS

 2013-12-24  -  some free Diva sounds
10 free sounds for u-he Diva 1.3. Enjoy: DIVA_XMAS_2013_SOUNDS

2010-12 - free sounds for u-he TripleCheese 
Here are 20 free sounds for the free u-he TripleCheese synth:
Check out a short demo made with nothing else than 10 of those sounds on Soundcloud:

 Acetone - free sounds for ACE
Download "Acetone", a set of free presets for the u-he ACE software synth
that, next to 50 simple but useful presets, also includes 10 fully functional
demo presets from each of my two commercial soundsets for ACE,
"Ace Cream" and "Accelerator". So you´ll get 70 free presets in total.

Arturia Origin free soundset 
If you own the Arturia Origin hardware synthesizer
you can visit their homepage
and download a set of 23 experimental ambient sounds for free.
Link to Arturia presets website:

Zebra Playground demo presets
If you want to check for yourself what kind of sounds you get
when you buy the Zebra Playground soundset for Zebra2,
you can download a free demo set containing 24 of the included sounds
as well as 30 oscillator presets and the manual. I hope you enjoy them.

 Zebra 2 tasmodia factory remix
 In order to show the power and importance of the XY-pads
in the performance page of Zebra 2,
I created a pack of presets consisting only of the tasmodia-presets
that came with the factory bank of Zebra 2.
I simply saved the most useful and interesting XY settings as new presets.
I also adjusted the volumes of each preset to useful levels,
so be careful if you play around with the XY settings
on these presets since the volume can eventually vary heavily.
This preset-pack is mostly meant to be a service for the people
who don´t have the time or don´t want to explore
the possibilities of the single patches
(and there are a lot of different sounds hidden inside most of the presets)
and simply want to browse through a lot of presets on the search for the right sound.
The package contains 900 presets in total,
you can download it in fxp-format or in the u-he format h2p.
Have fun exploring the sounds! 
Arturia Prophet-V
If you are a registered user of the Arturia Prophet-V,
you can download a free bank of 80 presets made by tasmodia.
Just follow this link:

 free presets Christmas 2006
This package contains 65 presets in total usable on Mac and PC.
There are 30 sounds for the u-he FilterscapeVA synth,
10 weird presets for the filter plugin of the Filterscape bundle
as well as 25 sounds for Zebralette, the little companion of Zebra2.
Of course these can also be loaded inside Zebra2.