This page gives an overlook of the companies / developers I´ve worked for as sounddesigner / musician / betatester.

To get more info about my work for a certain company, click on the corresponding company name to open a site with an overview of the projects I´ve worked on for that firm. There you´ll find pages with more infos about and demo-sound-files for the individual projects if possible.

Projects for u-he include Zebra2, Filterscape, Podolski and others. Visit this page for more details and demo-mp3-files.

Visit this page for more infos about NSL projects and demo-mp3-files.

My talented brother´s multimedia company.

Overview of the projects I worked on for Paul Haslinger.

The French company known for its recreations of analog hardware-synthesizers.

Sound Design projects for the German Leipzig Opera.

This German company known for Cubase / Nuendo and so on.

Yet another German company, makers of so many soft synths.

 The creators of Cameleon, CamelSpace, CamelPhat and Alchemy.

The makers of Circle.

The makers of BFD, Synth Squad and more.

... to be continued