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ACETONE is a set of 70 sounds for ACE which, next to 50 free presets,

also includes 10 fully functional demo-presets
from each of the two commercial soundsets (ACE CREAM and ACCELERATOR).

Five short pieces, all you hear is pure ACE, no external plugins or effects
besides a single compressor on the sum acting as a peak limiter.
POLAR SHIFT.mp3 - 10 instances of ACE - 00:44
MINDWALKER.mp3 - 6 instances of ACE - 00:59
DYSTOPIA.mp3 - 11 instances of ACE - 00:48
CONTAMINATED.mp3 - 7 instances of ACE - 00:37
FINAL FRONTIER.mp3 - 7 instances of ACE - 00:55
Also check out this short demo on Soundcloud from the fabulous Ned Bouhalassa
featuring 10 of the Accelerator patches with some reverb added (Altiverb),
delay on 2 tracks, compression and limiting on the master:

Five more pieces of pure ACE, this time using an equal amount of patches
from ACE CREAM and ACCELERATOR in each demo to show
that the sounds from the two soundsets can play together very nicely.
TREKKING.mp3 - 5*Ace Cream + 5*Accelerator - 00:50
BLACK PEARLS.mp3 - 4*Ace Cream + 4*Accelerator + Acetone drum - 00:52
THE FOG.mp3 - 4*Ace Cream + 4*Accelerator - 00:52
CITRUS.mp3 - 4*Ace Cream + 4*Accelerator - 00:57
COPPER ISLAND.mp3 - 4*Ace Cream + 4*Accelerator - 00:46

ACCELERATOR is a set of 130 unique and unusual sounds

for the fabulous u-he ACE software synth,
useful for ambient, minimal and experimental electronic music in general
as well as for soundtrack work or whenever you want to add
a unique sound or effect to your track.
The sounds have been professionally and carefully designed,
with maximum “tweakability” in mind, by making extensive use
of the modular capabilities and the free signal routing of ACE,
which is much more than a simple synth for analog emulations.
You can find mind-bending sounds of all sorts, pitch-drifting basses,
noisy leads, minimal blips & beeps, crazy sci-fi sfx, modular screams and twisted pads
as well as intricate soundscapes & spaces. 
The sounds will also make extensive use of the available midi controllers
for maximum flexibility and fun.
Since ACE can be very demanding on CPU,
all the patches have been created as CPU efficient as possible.
And there´s always the possibility to use a lower quality during the arrangement
and then switch to a higher quality for rendering of the tracks.
Accelerator preset

Some of the sounds in the demos did run through a compressor
and have been normalized to achieve an equal level throughout the demo.
You can also hear that the midi controllers have been automated to alter the sound.
Accelerator-Play.mp3 - 9 sounds - 01:22
 Accelerator-Pulsars.mp3 - 12 sounds - 02:10
 Accelerator-Sequenced.mp3 - 12 sounds - 02:01
Accelerator-Pads-01.mp3 - 10 sounds - 01:51
 Accelerator-Pads-02.mp3 - 8 sounds - 01:44
Accelerator-Deep.mp3 - 8 sounds - 01:12
Accelerator-Sfx.mp3 - 11 sounds - 01:02
Deep - 15 presets:
Deep wobblers, gobblers and alike,
the section for deep frequencies and bass-like sounds.
Play - 15 presets:
Noisy sines and bells, pitch-drifting leads and more ambient synth sounds.
Pads - 30 presets:
Rough & minimal pads, beautiful soundscapes, living creatures
with built-in glitches to lay the background for your ambient realms.
Pulsars - 25 presets:
Hard & soft, metallic & foamy, quick & slow beating pulses
to add tension and rhythm to your next soundtrack.
Sequenced - 25 presets:
Ambient sequences, weird beatings and distorted modulation-lines
to spice up your soundtrack or for minimal & ambient music.
Sfx - 20 presets:
Weird analog modular death screams, game fx, space weapons
and digital signals for the playful mind.
  For many of the sounds the midi controllers are an essential part of the patch
to induce some elements of surprise, for getting control over the randomness
or simply for deconstructing the sound completely.
Besides being velocity sensitive,
every sound makes use of at least one of the available midi controllers,
this being modwheel, breath, pressure and the pitchwheel.
Quite some sounds even use all of them.
Which midi controllers are used and what each controller does to the sound
is briefly explained in the patch info pane of ACE.
Many patches will reveal their real intention and potential
through the concerted use of the midi controllers during play.
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Ace Cream website
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my other soundset for ACE with some fresh & inspiring sounds for modern music.
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And if you own Zebra2 don´t miss the chance to check out ZEBRA PLAYGROUND.
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