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76 lively patches for DIVA 1.3

Get ten free demo presets - one from each sound category - here:

Check out a demo reel of 15 short multi-preset sketches.
Runs about 11 minutes.
That's a demo reel quickly playing each of the 76 sounds
while automating the used real-time midi controllers.
Gives you a good overview of all the included sounds,
so be sure to check it if you plan to get the soundset.
Runs about 23 minutes.
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DIVA ATTRACTOR is a soundset of 76 modern sounds
that make extensive use of Diva's new features
which were introduced with the 1.3 update.
It consists of a pool of very diverse sounds
suitable for many modern styles like Electro, House, Minimal,
Industrial, Glitch, Chiptune and Dubstep.
But they are also useful for Ambient and Soundtrack music.
You can find many rhythmic, arpeggiated and sequence-like sounds
alongside with chilling pads, pushing basses, leads and synths
as well as some smooth keys.
It includes:

12 Arpeggios
07 Atmospheres
05 Basses
09 Chords
05 Keys
06 Leads
10 Pads
10 Sequences
07 Special Effects
05 Synths
Diva waveform display
Every patch has one or more real-time midi controllers assigned
- modwheel, pressure and pitchwheel - to alter its character,
change some details or completely transform it into something else.
Wherever possible, the patch-info field of Diva not only lists
the used real-time controllers but also has some info
about where to start if you feel adventurous
and want to explore even more sound colors
hidden in the depths of the patches.

Before you decide to get the soundset,
make sure to have a play with the demo presets
and take some time to listen to the audio demos on Soundcloud.
Diva Attractor patch-info display
Get it now - for 11.50€
(+ 19% Vat when purchased from inside the EU)
If you have any questions or comments
please feel free to write me via the contact form of the website
or via Twitter.
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