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  Welcome at the ZEBRA PLAYGROUND, the perfect place to play with your favourite striped animal.
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This site will give you a good overview of the content of the ZEBRA PLAYGROUND soundset,
what´s included and what kind of sounds you can expect.
Download free demo presets: Playground demo
Check out 24 sounds from the set as well as 30 oscillators and the manual.
For convenience all the relevant infos are presented in the form of a F.A.Q. section.
This should hopefully give you all the information you need to make a decision
if this soundset is something for you (I hope so). So here we go, you can either
read through all the relevant information or simply scroll down a bit
and listen to all the audio demos.
Zebra XY
 Q: What exactly is it?

is a huge collection of carefully crafted sounds ready to be used in your everyday music production,
tailored towards a variety of modern music styles with a maximum amount of sonic flexibility
through extensive use of the available performance controls.
The main focus of the project was to create usable sounds of high quality which are playable
and tweakable so you can quickly adjust every sound to your own likings
without first needing to analyse every patch in detail.
So even if you are not familiar with all the aspects of sound design
you´ll be able to quickly alter a patch in a useful way and save it as a new variation.
You´ll get a big variety of basses from deep & dirty to nice & smooth
(even inside a single preset if you make use of the performance controls),
pressing Club-Sounds for modern Dance, House, fresh Hip Hop and R&B,
a big selection of Drum&Bass patches, lots of energetic chords and mean leads for modern Electronic,
Techno or Hard-Trance music, airy keys, bells and instruments for relaxed Chill-Out or retro tracks
inspired from the 80´s and 90´s, vivid arpeggios, pulsing sequenced lines and Trance-Gates
to add some spice to your tracks and of course a big pad selection of all flavours
from smooth and static background strings to dark, distorted sounds,
from simple filter sweeping pads to lively, organic, dreamy pad structures.
Q: And what is it not?

A: It is not a library of esoteric ambient soundscapes, self playing, everlasting
"press-one-key-and-hold-forever" sequences,
fx sounds, minimal electro glitches or drum sound emulations.
Zebra LFO
Q: Ok, interesting, but how does it sound?

A: A sound says more than a thousand words, so listen for yourself.

Here you´ll find about 70 minutes of audio demos in mp3 format
showing more than 300 sounds from ZEBRA PLAYGROUND.
The demos are grouped into three categories.
First there´s a mega-mix consisting of a bunch of song sketches
that show how well the sounds can be integrated into your productions.
Then there´s a set of categorized mp3s demoing how single sounds can be bend in real-time
through automation of the performance controls via the host sequencer.
And finally there´s a huge section with demos quickly showing
lots of single presets from the different sound categories.
Simply click on the mp3 files to play them with your browser
or right-click to download and save them to your desktop.
Zebra EQ
PLAYGROUND MEGA-MIX:    22 song-sketches - 11:33 min
All sounds are from ZEBRA PLAYGROUND, only the beats are mainly
patterns from µTonic with some added filtering and delay.
There are no external effects on the Zebra sounds but some of the tracks
are treated with an EQ (Uhbik-Q) and maybe a compressor (Sonalksis SV-315Mk2).
And to match the levels of all the song sketches to fit into the mix,
the sum has been treated with a mastering compressor (IL Maximus).
Zebra Arp
 XY AUTOMATION DEMOS:    30 sounds - 16:10 min playtime in total
There are five sounds shown in each category, one after another,
each playing for about half a minute while the XY pads,
Modwheel and Aftertouch are being automated by the host sequencer.
The sounds are straight out of Zebra, no extra effects or processing.
ARPS&GATES.mp3   -   02:48 min
BASS&LEAD_01.mp3   -   02:39 min
BASS&LEAD_02.mp3   -   02:38 min
INSTRUMENTS.mp3   -   02:37 min
PADS_01.mp3   -   02:48 min
PADS_02.mp3   -   02:40 min 

Zebra Mod
  SINGLE SOUND DEMOS:     277 sounds - 42:52 min playtime in total
The demos are grouped in sound categories,
each sound is being played shortly one after another,
sometimes a bit of Modwheel or Aftertouch action is being included.
No extra effects or sound processing, just the pure sound of ZEBRA PLAYGROUND.
The bass sounds are accompanied by a simple beat from µTonic.

 SINGLES_CHORDS.mp3    -   14 sounds   -   01:40 min
SINGLES_INSTRUMENTS.mp3   -   27 sounds   -   03:39 min
SINGLES_BASS_01.mp3   -   35 sounds   -   03:29 min
SINGLES_BASS_02.mp3   -   31 sounds   -   03:53 min
SINGLES_KEYS&SYNTH_01.mp3   -   24 sounds   -   02:56 min
SINGLES_KEYS&SYNTH_02.mp3   -   25 sounds   -   03:11 min
SINGLES_ARPS.mp3   -   10 sounds   -   01:37 min
SINGLES_GATES&PULSES.mp3   -   15 sounds   -   02:02 min 
SINGLES_PADS_COMPLEX_01.mp3   -   20 sounds   -   04:40 min
SINGLES_PADS_COMPLEX_02.mp3   -   19 sounds   -   04:40 min
SINGLES_PADS_SMOOTH.mp3   -   32 sounds   -   05:43 min
SINGLES_PADS_ROUGH.mp3   -   25 sounds   -   05:22 min

Zebra Oscillator

Q: Nice sounds, and what´s included in detail?

A: 375 original presets, 375 extended variation presets, 600 oscillator presets.
You´ll get 375 Zebra2 presets, every single one has the Modwheel and all four XY pads assigned
to useful parameters acting in sensible ranges. Many of them are very Velocity sensitive
and wherever possible even Aftertouch is being assigned to bring you some more fun when playing live.
Additionally you´ll get 375 XV patches, so called "extended variations",
which are derived from the original patches not only through the variation of the XY pad positions
but often also through altering additional parts of the patch like EQs, filter modes, modulations and more
to create completely new sounds which would be impossible to achieve by altering the XY pads only.
The usage of the XY pads is mostly standardized and labeled in detail.
They are divided into the sections Mix, Filter, Motion and Sound so you´ll get used to them quickly.
XY Pads
The use of additional performance parameters like Modwheel and Aftertouch
is documented in the info-field of each preset. All the little changes
that distinguish the XV patches from their originals are also documented in the info-field.
And as a little bonus there is a nice collection of oscillator presets included
if you want to dive into the fun of creating your own patches form scratch.
Zebra OSC

There are 60 oscillator templates that feature different waveforms
in each of the 16 available waveform slots of an oscillator.
And then there are 540 fully-fledged oscillator presets which make full use
of all the possibilities a single Zebra2 oscillator module has to offer.
Of course all the presets as well as the oscillator presets are carefully sorted
into appropriate sound categories making it easy to quickly find the sound you´re looking for.
Zebra Wave

Q: And which format are the presets in?

A: They are in Zebra´s own, editable cross platform h2p format,
presets are compatible with Zebra version 2.3 or higher.
 Q: That all sounds cool, but what the heck is Zebra2?

A: Probably the best soft-synth available, take a look at its website: u-he Zebra2
Zebra Comb
 Final Q: That looks like a great soundset, how can I get it?
Final A: That´s easy, just click the "buy me" button that you´ll find on this website.
The set is available for 25,-€ (+19% Vat if ordered from inside the EU).
Payment and electronic delivery is processed through ShareIt.
This has the advantage of a wide variety of payment options no matter where you live.
You´ll get your personal download link right after your payment is being verified by ShareIt.
This is usually a very quick process and in most cases you should be able to play
with ZEBRA PLAYGROUND just a short time after you placed your order.
buy Zebra Playground link
Ok, I hope this has spurred your interest enough
to take your ZEBRA to the PLAYGROUND and have some fun.
If you have any more questions feel free to use the contact form of this website.
Zebra MSEG
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